Monday, August 16, 2010

Saturday Night: M and M

This past Saturday after returning from vacation with the BF, we decided to catch up with the crew and have drinks. We started out at The My Bar on Bourbon in the mist of the Red dress marathon. It was like a red sea out there with tons n tons of red dresses worn by both men and women. It was absolutely hysterical watching all these buff men strutting their stuff in red dresses, but it was for a good cause so kudos to the fellas. After My Bar and plenty of drinks we headed to Morton's Steak House on Canal. I had my fav, Shrimp Alexander with a baked potato. These lightly breaded jumbo shrimp in a white wine sauce are to die for. I'm salivating just thinking about After dinner I was down for the count but everyone else enjoyed Saturday night at Masquerade in Harrah's. Definitely fun times!!

See ya!!

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