Monday, August 16, 2010

Rocker Bey: House of Dereon Fall 2010

Beyonce is rocking a new edgier look for this upcoming Fall's House Dereon ad campaign. I'm really loving these looks on her. Lots of tats, black and metal, yet still sultry and sexy. Just Hawt if I say so myself. Its always good to see her switch it up.

She also did an interview with UK's Daily Mail on the importance of girlfriends, dropping "Sasha Fierce", defining beauty, and juggling her career and family life. Here's an excerpt from the interview where she speaks on beauty, my fav part.
"Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world, she is not, she says, particularly vain. Beauty, she insists, is about more than just external looks. ‘I think a beautiful woman is someone who is confident but not competitive with other women – someone who is warm to everyone. Because my mother told me ever since I can remember that beauty is from within, that looks will fade, I have always been aware that you have to have something deeper to be really beautiful,’ she says."
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In my opinion Bey is still killing the game. Love, love, love her.

See Ya!!!!

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